Audio Marketing

Most people are not fully utilizing the web for all it's worth. Some websites might as well be a magazine that you flip through from page to page. All of their content is static - never changing and non-interactive. However, the web is meant to house all sorts of multimedia options, including audio and video. Liven up your website with some sound, communicating your message to your visitors via voice and not text. Would you rather read about something or be able to sit back and relax while listening to the same message? Your message could be lost in paragraph after paragraph of text. With an audio message you could "call out" your important subject matter and make your message heard. Make it easier on your visitors. Start talking to them today.

Audio Examples

  • Welcome message upon first visit to website
  • Audio demonstrations and explanations
  • Product descriptions
  • Directions to company's location
  • Announcement of big sale or other events
  • Radio spots (can be incorporated into website or recorded directly for the radio)

If interested, please provide a script (or just contact us to brainstorm your idea) and a sample can be provided using our professional recording equipment. As noted above, audio can be recorded soley for radio advertisements, but it wouldn't hurt to integrate those radio ads into your website either. It's not like you get charged per play on the web - it's unlimited!

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