If you're looking for another market to penetrate with millions and millions of users, look no further than Craigslist. This online community brings buyers and sellers together, as well as friends, employers, and lovers. Craigslist is a virtual posting board for just about anything and everything. If you're not using this free resource to sell products, communicate your message, or drive more traffic to your website then it's time to get started.

Everyone Is Welcome

Craigslist is wide open to the public, meaning it's wide open to search engines as well. With no authentication system required to protect the listings, anyone can see your posts as well as have them indexed by search engines. If you post enough Craigslist ads you will notice those posts coming up as results when search queries match the keywords contained in the ad. If nothing else, just post an ad to advertise your company's services and get people back to your website.

Craigslist Ads

The majority of Craigslist ads a user sees are all "plain-text" ads - meaning there is no formatting involved. This typically means lots of white space and text that all runs together - not visually pleasing at all. So, why not use an "HTML" ad that sets your ad apart from the rest of the millions of ads posted on Craigslist. With HTML Craigslist ads, you're able to control the layout, color, and number of images used for an ad. However, keep in mind Craigslist has a strict HTML policy and only accepts a limited number of HTML tags. Let us do the work for you. All we need are your ideas.

  • Plain-text Craigslist ad - (sample)
  • HTML Craigslsit ad - (sample)

Keep in mind, these are only samples - HTML ads can be customized to your liking. Notice that the plain-text ad is just a generic paragraph describing what's for sale. However, right away the HTML ad is strikingly more appealing due to the black frame, images, and breakdown of the features. It's a lot easier to read and catches your attention. Why not make your ads worth your time? Start using HTML ads on Craigslist today.

Craigslist Ads for Realtors

If you're a real estate agent and are looking to increase the conversion rate on getting new leads on your properties, then take full advantage of our system which allows you to create HTML Craigslist ads for your properties. By sending us an RSS feed of your listings, the realtor can then login and choose a property to create an ad for. Then, based on a pre-determined design, the information for that property will be auto-filled into the design template and the HTML code for that ad will be provided to the realtor. The only thing remaining is to take the HTML code and paste it into Craigslist to create your appealing, HTML formatted ad for the property for sale. As noted to the right, traffic will increase to your site!

This is not to be confused with any auto posting programs for Craigslist. Those are illegal and will result in your ads being flagged/deleted. This is simply an auto generation system to create the ads, but it is still a manual process to post the ad itself in Craigslist.

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"I did notice that our traffic has quadrupled since the Craigslist postings have gone live so I'm excited to see how things go. Thanks for the great service!"