HTML Emails

Are you spending a lot of time sending out mass emails that aren't getting your desired Return On Investment? Are you having trouble catching your customers' attention? Maybe it's time for a change...for the better. If you are sending out what is referred to as "plain-text" emails, where there is no formatting whatsoever, lets take a few steps forward. HTML emails are exactly what it sounds - emails formatted by HTML code. This allows you to embed images and links and even lets you control the layout structure of your email. If you have paper stationery that you send out in the mail to your customers, why not send out virtual stationery to your customers online?

Benefits of HTML Email

  • Retains your company's branding by using logo, color scheme, etc.
  • Visually pleasing and catchy
  • Appears more legitimate and professional looking versus a plain-text email

Plain-text Email vs. HTML Email

  • View sample of a standard, plain-text email that most people are accustomed to (view)
  • View sample of an enhanced, HTML email with images and formatting (view)

The difference is obvious - make the jump to HTML emails today.

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