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Social networking has been huge lately - and the Facebook community is no exception. At the time this site was created, there were over 140 million active Facebook users. And Facebook isn't just an American pastime - it's worldwide. If you haven't been involved with Facebook at all it's time to join the party. Click on the logo to the left to visit our fanpage. (Note: for more detailed demographics of Facebook users, click here)

What's the big deal?

140+ million people is the big deal. What a great way to visit their turf. If you can't get them to come to your site go to theirs. As the world continues to grow so doesn't the distance between friends and loved ones. Facebook has become a virtual address book for one to keep tabs on all of their friends and colleagues. Now is the time to penetrate this market.

Facebook Profile vs. Facebook Fanpage

A fairly new concept in the Facebook community is the addition of the fanpage. When Facebook was first conceived back in 2004, only people enrolled in college could join. Eventually, the need to grow was inevitable if Facebook wanted to contend with rival Myspace. High schoolers were finally able to join, and then Facebook became open to everyone.

Long story short, Facebook is now booming. With that being said, Facebook decided to unveil the "Facebook Fanpage" to allow for musicans, companies, products, etc to have its own page. Profiles can only be inhabited by human beings - a legitimate first and last name are required. Thus, the fanpage was born.

What does that mean for you? If you are unfamiliar with how Facebook works, you must be a "friend" of someone in order to see their profile page (unless you reside in the same geographic network and aren't restricted by high security settings - but those are technicalities). Therefore, profile pages are behind an authentication system. On the other hand, fanpages are open to the public. Keyword = OPEN. Fanpages are indexable by search engines!

What's in it for me?

Obviously I can't share all of my secrets with you right now, but for starters here are the benefits of a Facebook fanpage:

  • Exposure on a social network of over 140 million people
  • Send links to your site from Facebook - search engines see this as a major plus
  • Facebook has its own internal search engine and Pay-Per-Click advertising campaign
  • Users can become "fans" of your page
  • Add HTML to your page - possibilities here are endless. Add photos, links, videos, etc.

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