Search Engine Optimization

In this day in age when companies are spending money on Pay-Per-Click campaigns and taking other actions to get their site to the top of the results page, ask yourself this - are you doing everything you can to compete with them? Just because you have a website doesn't guarantee you will be found. There are many factors that search engines consider when ranking a website. Let us verify you're armed with the correct ammo to combat your competition.

Successful Website SEO Checklist - Are you...

...using the "alt" attribute of an image to describe what the photo is?
...optimizing the <title> tags on each page?
...using the keywords and description <meta> tags where necessary?
...constantly updating your content to keep it fresh, making search engines come back for more?
...submitting a sitemap to ensure search engines find ALL of your pages?
...advertising/creating content on external sites which link back to your site? a blog which links back to your site and serves as a Public Relations tool?
...using an HTML-based website versus a non-indexable Flash-based website?
...tracking your website's statistics so you can monitor the progress over time?


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