Video Marketing

Building on the concept of Audio Marketing, take it one step further and add video to your website. Most companies, car dealerships, restaurants, etc already have TV commercials or other video footage. Why not add this to the web? There aren't any time slots that have to be met, network agreements fulfilled, or caps set on the maximum amount of plays. No contracts are needed to play video on the internet. It's free. The web was designed to store all of your multimedia - whether it be images, audio, or video.

Simple Flash Video Player

This simple, yet effective video player is an example of simply embedding one video on your website. The video was a TV commercial converted to Flash Video so it could be played on the web. Any video format - whether it is .avi, .wmv, .mpg, etc - can be converted to the universal format of Flash Video. All web browers on all platforms (Windows, Mac, and Linux) can view Flash Video. Instead of showing your TV commercial to your local geographic TV audience, why not show the world?

Advanced Flash Multiple Video Player - XML feed

Taking video marketing one step further, this player is ideal for websites that wish to display more than one video. The advanced Flash Video player is controlled via XML, allowing the webmaster to update the video player without having to update the Flash file itself. XML may be a new concept to you but it's very easy to understand and manipulate.

This particular player takes the following parameters:

  • Video URL
  • Video Title
  • Video Description
  • Video Date
  • Video Thumbnail
  • Video Website URL

However, the player can be designed to your needs. XML makes this very easy. Flash video players can also be programmed to display a series of YouTube videos if that fits your needs better. Contact us for more details or with specific requests.

Ultimate Flash Video Player - Concat Systems

With a concept referred to as "photo stitching" combine the power of images and audio with Audio Video Automation (AVA) Technology from our partner site Concat Systems. Using AVA is simple. You upload a series of digital photographs that AVA then renders into a full-motion video. AVA then takes text provided by you and converts it into speech — instantly creating a powerful voice over. Select or upload the background music of your choice and then AVA converts your new movie into a Flash streaming video that is ready to be played in nearly any web browser on nearly any computer.

AVA Technology is perfect for but not limited to:

Additionaly, the AVA player allows interaction between the video and the user. Through the player menu, viewers of your AVA movies can access the photos used to build your video, email the video to a friend or embed it on their blog, provide instant feedback, see related vidoes, or even recommend it to others using Digg or Simple and powerful. That's the AVA way.

For more information on this concept, please visit Concat Systems at

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