Website Design & Development

If the term "HTML" is a new word altogether for you, don't worry we can still accommodate you. Starting with the proper foundation is as important as the additional things you can and should add to a website later on. For instance, do you want a catchy looking website designed entirely in Flash or would you rather have search engines locate and learn about your site? There are pros and cons for both HTML and Flash based websites. Let us figure out what's best for you.

Value Added Options for Any Website

  • Use of databases to connect website to backend data
  • Integration of a shopping cart application
  • Authentication system (user login) to password protect specific pages
  • Flash Audio/Video/Photo Galleries/Rotators
  • Search Engine Optimization (see separate page)
  • Marketing Campaigns

Add some sizzle to your site with any of the following

  • PHP Programming
  • mySQL Databases
  • Javascript
  • Flash/ActionScript
  • CSS
  • RSS Feeds

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Site Examples

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